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Web 3.0 Predictions

We will see more and more businesses leveraging the power of the web to create new customer experiences. We will see a continued shift towards web-based applications and services as the default mode of operation for organizations. We will see a proliferation of new web-based marketplaces and collaborative platforms that make it easy for people […]

Key design trends Autumn 2022

Key design trends Autumn 2022 There are no specific design trends that apply to autumn 2022, but there are several general trends that will be present in most designs. These include a focus on natural and organic materials, a preference for softer, more flowing designs, and an increased use of color. The following are some […]

What is web development?

monitor showing Java programming

Web development is the process of designing, creating, and maintaining a website or web application. A web developer can work on both static and dynamic websites, as well as web applications. Web development is a cross-disciplinary field that requires knowledge of both software engineering and design principles. Web developers typically have a college degree in […]

How to deal with bootcamps?

person using black and red Acer laptop computer on table

A boot camp is a military training program that is designed to teach recruits basic combat skills, such as marksmanship and land navigation. Boot camp is also used to indoctrinate recruits into the military culture and to create a sense of brotherhood and discipline.