Emotional Design: Make the User Feel


Hey there! Noticed how we all got a bit bored with those super sleek, too-perfect websites? It’s like seeing the same haircut everywhere you go. Now, it’s all about getting those feels. Design isn’t just about looking good anymore; it’s about making you feel a certain way. So, let’s chat about the magic behind emotional design, something Donald Norman has been raving about for ages.

Emotional design in plain English

Donald Norman talks about design like it’s a triple-layer cake: visceral, behavioral, and reflective. Let’s unpack that:

  • Visceral: This is your gut reaction when you see something. Like when you spot a shiny new phone and your brain goes, “Ooh, shiny!” before you can even think about it.
  • Behavioral: This is all about how something works. Imagine using an app that’s as smooth as spreading butter on warm toast. That’s top-notch behavioral design.
  • Reflective: This layer is deep. It’s how you feel about your stuff after you’ve had it for a while. Like if your coffee mug isn’t just a mug but a reminder of your trip to Paris.

Making stuff that feels good

Designing for emotions isn’t just about picking pretty colors or shapes. It’s about making every detail count:

  • Color: Colors are like the spices of design. Just like how a pinch of salt can change a dish, a splash of color can change how we feel about an app or a website. Think of a fitness app that uses green to make you think of health and growth.
  • Shape and Texture: Shapes and textures can make us feel things, too. Rounded corners? Friendly. Sharp edges? Edgy. And texture? It’s like the difference between wearing a soft sweater vs. a scratchy one. You’re gonna have a favorite.
  • Sound: Ever notice the satisfying click when you close a car door? That’s sound design making you feel secure. Good design can make even a «ding» sound like music to your ears.

Wrapping it up

So, what’s the takeaway? Making great things isn’t just about the brains — it’s about the heart, too. It’s about making things that don’t just work well but also make you feel good. Ready to sprinkle a little emotional magic on your next project? Contact us!

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