That’s Why Your Strategy Isn’t Working


We all know that a big share of strategic plans never get implemented. Sometimes execution is to blame, but it is not the primary cause. The root cause can sometimes be traced back to the strategy’s foundations. What if you spent thousands of hours on planning and finally saw your implosion? The question arises: Was it bad operation or bad strategy?

As in the case of an aspiring client who wanted to become the «Tesla of the industry«, there were technological, resource, and cultural challenges to cross, which made the goal nearly impossible to attain in reality. This scenario highlights a common oversight: the disconnect between strategy and the organization’s capabilities and culture.

Four foundational errors to evade:

1. Misunderstanding the problem: All problems do not necessitate a complete strategy rebirth. At time what we need are pinpoint modifications. The ability to differentiate between a new strategy and the strategy that needs to be refined is critical.

2. Overlooking organizational capabilities: Strategy creation is a skill that must be practiced. Very often the leaders take operational knowledge for strategic thinking leading to strategies that are based on wishful thinking and not on actionable plans.

3. Ignoring immovable pressures: Often, mundane tasks tend to absorb all the energy of an organization, leaving no space for grand initiatives. The strategy which does not take into account the operating issues will certainly lead to its failure from the beginning.

4. Underestimating the importance of alignment: The strategy should be aligned with the culture and resources of the organization. Without alignment, even the best laid plans can be doomed to failure.

So, if your strategy is more of a wish list than a map to success, then your plan needs to be rewritten. Our team has a proven track record of creating powerful and executable strategies that take into consideration your specific strengths and objectives. We’re here to guide you through the intricacies of strategy planning, so that the next plan of yours will not just be a dormant piece of paper.

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